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is a cryptocurrency and eCurrency service that renders in buying and selling of electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies. Our eCurrency exchange allows users world wide and beyond to buy, sell and exchange various digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, OneMericaCoin, PayPal, DLC, RD, DL and Charity CounterParty tokens. Our diverse payment methods allow you to carry out your buy, sell or exchange transactions using Mobile apps and PayPal, which is one of the most used payment systems in f the world, safe and secure.

We have come to work every day since 2018 to create the simplest financial service out there to support Charity while giving back through growth what we receive to help others. Our eCurrency exchange platform offers you the most convenient and flexible means of Buying, Selling, Sending, Receiving & converting between cryptocurrencies and eCurrencies. Enjoy what we have for you & feel free to reach us anytime. You are guaranteed with the best Rates, Fees, Customer Support, Flexible terms, Security and more reliable service with us.

We are here to serve you better. For any inquiries kindly, reach us via live support or visit our FAQ Page.

What you can do and get on 1MericaExchange

Exchanging one cryptocurrency to another is made easy and instant with c-Exchange. We have packaged all you need in one place. c-exchange.com affords you the opportunity to Buy, Sell, Store, Send, Receive and Exchange all your digital assets listed on our platform. We guarantee you the best of rates, low fees & speed when it comes to delivery.


You can now Buy/Sell Crypto and eCurrency. Send, Receive and convert between listed digital wallet at c-exchange.com instantly with different payment methods including mobile money and bank deposit. by selecting and filling the required fields of service. It is easy, safe and more exciting to use c-exchange.com every day.


Secured wallets for storage and transfers of your funds to another user wallet. Long term or short term, hold your assets safely. We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure blockchain and wallets designed to hold DL, DLC, RD, MEA and CHARITY Tokens, wallet accounts funds are secured. Our DLC - Dealithiumcoin has a Paper Wallet link on our website that can be used to create your own DLC or Bitcoin Paper offline wallet. Once you create a wallet, you are ready to start using the DEX for CounterParty Tokens and MetaMask for MEA and ETH based tokens. DLC is a Bitcoin based coin with it's own wallet system privately traded among our charity donors.

  Privacy & Security

Highly secured and constantly adding functionality to keep your personal information and transactions safe. Two-factor authentication to secure your accounts. we will require from you every time when login to confirm a code which we will send to your email address.


We are a 509(a)2 Charity registered with the USA IRS and we are listed on GUIDESTAR on our website at https://YahBible.Org as a GOLDSEAL Transparent Charity.

Official Mailing Address: 125 w. Main St. Smethport, Pa 16749 USA

Support & Supervision

Transactions are monitored and manually reviewed with security checks in place to make sure theft or unauthorized transactions are not made. Delivering great customer service doesn't have to be complex, get assistance whenever you need it. We are always at your service.